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random crack

I found it in my weekly knitting newsletter...¬.¬

Our book feature this week is MR. FUNKY'S SUPER CROCHET WONDERFUL...."

Ok, prepare yourself for the corniness. (I thought I would never hear myself or watch myself type this in quite this pathetic fashion but) I miss you guys so freakishly much!!! (Notice the sudden reliance on extra exclamation marks.)
My roommates are insane. One is a dark, suicidal, mood-swinging zombie and the other is a preppie nocturnal creature. They were nice for a while, but they've turned cold and mean, and I try to avoid my dorm room at all costs. Our flower-decorated dry erase board on our door now has a picture of a noose on it with several black ravens. Cheery.
I know I go to bed early--and so I understand and don't mind a little extra light and noise-- but the nocturnal creature brings back strange boys at 10:30 at night and introduces me to them while I'm in a half-cognitive state.
I think the other people on my floor are fairly normal. They say hi to me and act like normal human beings. How did I end up with these two?(More corniness: gritting teeth is reccommended)I truly never knew what superior
friends you all were until I encountered the scary things in my dormroom.
Well, thanks for listening to my rambling. Please write detailed accounts of your lives since I last saw you. (Please, I need the conversation, even as stunted asthis type of communication is.)
Please forgive the corniness,


Figured I should post this before our star political candidate leaves for the Magical Land of Texas. The blooper reel from our crappy history project turned into a music video! With utterly predictable music!!!! Yay!!!

And I added a few little extra whatevers at the end. If you've forgotten what the heck the second song was from, 'tis here.



Whatevers. Shall I use this to communicate to all you losers from the faraway land of Dallas, Texas, or what?

Also, I found our stupid quote book. Who wants it? We can take turns passing it around, if you want.


OMG I've almost completely forgotten how to navigate around LJ!!1 (Posting is now somewhat confusing what with the new spiffy features)

*pure, uncensored drama and angst*

And what's this? A revival? What a swell plan, Em! I'm glad I thought of it. xD

P.S. I'm going to make a new icon for AIF (I need some new icons myself, ugh), but lemme know if you guys want a new layout too (shut up, Em, I KNOW).

EDIT: Yeah, okay, so the new icon sucks. I just thought, "Fire and laptops ... hmm ..."

But whatever.


La La La Amusing Crap

Videos for teh lozers! YouTube Daily Show/Colbert Report clips! Yay spam!

Even Stepvhen, the "debate" show:

Halloween, Fun or Evil?

Reality TV, a Waste of Time?

Should Weather be Outlawed?

And Stephen's Stalkerish 70's music video,if you wondered why "Charlene" is funny.
Charlene (I'm Right Behind You) Note: SCARY dancing and singing.

And y'all have seen Pitch, right?

Over a dozen of my clips have disappeared in the last day (boo, YouTube!) so no guarantees these will be here long. Bleh.

It's been bugging me.

I don't know why I'm posting this, because it's not anything profound, but whatever.

The point is that I was thinking about what Yasha might look like, and how he would prolly be a mix between these two:

Yasha is their love child???Collapse )

You know you want to click it...


Because you know you want to look SOOOO GOOD!